Gamifying Conferences

  1. We want learning experiences to be relevant within our context and practical
  2. We want time with experts and want to share what we know with others
  3. We want small, hands-on group sessions because they’re stickier
  4. We want agency to choose what to do and when
  5. We want to laugh and have a good time
  6. We want ease of access and efficient organization of events
  7. We want to be inspired by group energy
  1. learning labs: In our virtual classrooms, participants can engage in hands-on, live mini-professional learning sessions facilitated by expert practitioners from schools and education organizations.
  2. k20 talks: Instead of endless passive webinars, we’re offering 20 minute talks with 10 minutes of audience Q&A as well as break out debriefs. Talks are lead by veteran and innovative educators.
  3. break out groups: At any point, we encourage educators to take advantage of the private tables in the City to sit down with a peer to reflect on the learning at the conference.
  4. edtech booths: We’ve invited edtech companies offering innovative remote learning products to make life easier for educators — attendees can walk up to a booth and engage with teams as they might at a real conference.
  5. solo exploration: We’ve planted gems (literally and hypothetically) all over the City with educational resources like lesson plans and videos that support remote or blended instruction as well as a few surprises to evoke the explorer in all attendees.
  6. tea & teach: The bar and cafe are open for networking! A few of our partners are hosting themed discussions like “educators interested in entrepreneurship”.
  7. imaginative play: There’s also a playground outfitted with a gaming area, a running area, a reflection grove, and more.



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Vriti Saraf

Vriti Saraf


An educator & edtech founder working to dismantle global silos in education. Former dean, teacher, global school designer, adjunct professor, & PD facilitator.